At Ballyjennings, we pride ourselves in nurturing the full picture. That means both the horse and riders wellbeing and health.


Our horses receive regular physio and bodywork sessions.

We regularly assess the saddle fit, and make use of the expertise of professional saddle fitters.

Bridle and bit fittings are arranged when the need arises.

Regular shoeing schedules, Dentist treatments, and nutritional advice from our vets or Bluegrass Feeds Advisor mean a happy healthy athlete.


Riders are taught the importance of mindset, with Sinead McGrath guiding them appropriately to establish the optimum happy healthy outlook on not just horseriding but in life.

Riders are encouraged to stay fit outside of the saddle, with extra sessions in cardio, yoga or pilates being the most beneficial to riders. Many Youtube videos are available and Sinead has many suggestions for all levels which can be found in our TIPS Section.

Diet – What, and when we eat and drink can have a huge effect on our energy, concentration and resilience. Sinead has organised events with Nutritionists and Dieticians to help teach her riders how to fuel and feed their bodies to be strong and healthy. 

And the final piece of the jigsaw, for both horse and rider is the knowledge of both Fintan and Sinead in knowing what to push and when, teaching and encouraging both horse and rider to improve and enjoy their work.