The level of service that we may provide varies with the government restrictions in place. Please contact us with any queries, and we will be happy to chat to you about what we can offer.

Here at Ballyjennings Centre we have a number of Covid 19 safety requirements that all riders and livery clients must agree to, in addition to the HSE and HSI guidelines.


  1. Face masks/coverings are mandatory while unmounted. No exceptions. We expect this rule to be lifted Feb 28th by government.
  2. Riders must provide their gloves, boots, hats and body protectors.
  3. Please ensure that the person dropping off/collecting the child is aware of the rules.
  4. Please ensure that your child is aware of all the rules.
  5. We are unable to supervise children outside of the lesson time, except by prior arrangement for our livery clients.
  6. Payments must be in envelopes with the name, date clearly marked. Change will not be available on the day. We also accept REvolut.
  7. Lessons must be paid for 1 week in ADVANCE, or by full payment for the term.
  8. Lessons cancelled within 26hrs will be forfeited.
  9. Please do not ask for credit as refusal may cause offense.
  10. Lessons will finish 5 minutes early to allow for tack adjustments for the next session.
  11. Please follow HSE guidelines on attendance in regard to Covid.
  12. Out of respect for the instructors please do not distract the children or instructor during lessons.
  13. Any updates or rule changes will be sent via the Whatsapp group.
  14. The best way to contact us is via a message on Whatsapp.
  15. The management reserve the right to refuse admission.


  1. Please ensure your child is aware of all the rules.
  2. Please ensure that you follow all updates and rule changes on the Whatsapp group.
  3. It is forbidden to take photos, or record video without prior agreement from the owners of the establishment.
  4. Lessons cancelled within 26hrs will be forfeited.
  5. No chewing gum whilst riding.
  6. No scarves whilst riding.
  7. No jewellery of any sort.
  8. No U18 is allowed to use or carry a phone whilst riding
  9. Correct footwear, a boot with a heel is required.
  10. No communication from anyone outside the arena whilst the pupil is riding.
  11. Lessons start on time and finish on time regardless of the time the student arrives.
  12. The management reserve the right to refuse admission.