We constantly try to bring new ponies to the mix so that our children ride a variety of horses.


Meet our new pony who is the perfect schoolmaster. Having jumped himself Millstreet and Dublin he also competed at the Dressage National Championships. He is now available for private lessons so children can learn all the tricks. Guiness is also the pony who is our own film star.

One of the oldies, beloved of all who start riding for his steady calmness, Buddy has given confidence and joy to many many children and adults who discovered the love of horse riding thanks to him. Buddy and Bilko are always the last two in from the field, and also the ones who if there is mischief to be had will start it.

This little Pony is a Real Superstar. He brought one of his first Riders to the Silver Spurs where she finished in the top 10 in Ireland and then went on with his next Rider to finish 3rd this year in the U25 Dressage Finals in Cavan.He brought Rebecca to compete in National Winter Finals in Cavan 2017 and be one of the youngest competitors. He has also won plenty in Lead Rein Classes and then comes back then and hacks out and does lessons.

Meet one of our pretty mares, Peaches has eyelashes to envy, and is a sweet natured piebald pony capable of taking a beginner and yet with talent to carry and give fun a plenty to a developed rider. Her favourite horse in the herd is Magoo, and they graze together. Mares can be bossy but this wee lady gets on very well with all the herd.

This gorgeous little black mare has a steady little personality. no particular friend amounst the herd, she gets on well with all the other ponies and horses. Her good looks and quiet nature have made her a firm favourite of the young riders.

if you ever wanted more of a horse its Magoo, despite being horse height this gentleman will walk as quietly as a mouse with a learner rider, gives confidence to the progessing rider and for the rider who can press the buttons, he will light up and perform. This boy is calm and steady, sweet and patient. He is one in a million.

Well Rocky is our cheeky boy, he knows he is adored and isnt shy in looking for a scratch. Another strong cob, he is another weight carrier and can take adults and children alike. An eternal optimist, Rocky thinks everyone loves him and has a treat hidden in a pocket.

Well this wee man may be small but hes talented. A cheeky wee face hides a sweet nature and he is the pony that Rebecca takes out hunting. He has behaved impeccably in the large noisy gatherings, quite a feat for any horse or pony. A real hariy wee cob his fluffiness only adds to his appeal. This pony is a real cutie who will steal your heart.
We also source and sell suitable Riding Horses pictured here are Freckles and Buster just two of the cobs that we Sold. Buster went on to win Red Rossettes plentiful with his new owner and also won the National Dressage in Riding Club.
freckles - Copy
Busterjumping - Copy